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 I'll Keep Your Memory Vauge- Finger Eleven

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PostSubject: I'll Keep Your Memory Vauge- Finger Eleven   Thu Jul 02, 2009 6:01 pm

"I'll Keep Your Memory Vague"

This won't break your heart
But I just think it could
Cause I haven't tried as hard as I should
To separate you from everything I do
But I would never want to come between us two

I'll keep your memory vague
So you won't feel bad about me
I'll say the things that you said
Sometimes so it reminds me

Now I'm thinking back
To what I said before
I hope your heart won't have to hurt anymore
Cause it's really not that sad from here
Because the moments I can feel you near
They keep you close to me my dear
And if they ever become too clear...

Now you've gone away
Don't worry it's ok
That you're gone away
Further than yesterday
But you'll never leave these scenes
My mind replays

Where in the world have you gone now?

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I'll Keep Your Memory Vauge- Finger Eleven
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